“We have recently fully restored out colonial home and wanted the final result to shine...... Angela spent time getting to know our tastes and needs..... We can’t recommend Angela’s services enough.


Your design for the kitchen, with all the suggestions you made (re lots of drawers and soft touch drawers etc) really works. It is practical and has also opened up our living area. We have had lots of visitors from around the complex and all have commented very positively........ Thanks for all your kind and wise advice. It has been been greatly appreciated and really transformed our townhouse. We love it.

Noel and Meg


Colour is probably one of the most sub-consciously used and recognized means of non verbal communication.

    • Red – warning, stop or hot/passionate
    • Yellow – sunny bright , clear
    • Blue – ever wondered why we have so many blue uniforms?
    • Green – nature and serenity, everything is safe (hence the green light saying)

These are just a few of the recognised meanings to these colours that we don’t even have to think about… it’s just accept and used day to day to influence our lives.

By using this knowledge consciously we can create, happy, inspiring and comfortable homes for ourselves and our families.

That’s what we do, using knowledge and experience we help to bridge the multitude of choices available to create what is just right for you.

Your Home......Your Heart

Experience Matters….

Xntu8 by dezign began more than 10 years ago, the grass roots of this business has always been about colour and how it appeals to and affects the way we think and feel.

From an art based homewares design and manufacturing platform to following the passion for homes themselves.

So please feel free to contact us regarding the services we offer.

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 Kung Fu ManHung Gar, tiger/crane form, learn the true art of Kung Fu, combined with yoga.Basic weapons sets are also taught. Small class sizes allow for a personal focus, click to learn more


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